In 2007, FGTC set out to create a program aimed at producing gymnasts of the first order. They have welcomed into their gymaspiring gymnasts---kids with a whole lot of desire, hard work ethic and heart --- and have guided these fine young athletesthrough the exciting yet tough road of becoming some of the nation’s top gymnasts. As our son Antonio enters his 6th andfinal year in the intensive program, we know that he has all the right stuff to go on to a NCAA Division I Men’s Gymnastics team and be a success as a teammate and as a student. We are grateful to FGTC for providing an atmosphere that fosters not only excellence in the sport of gymnastics but more importantlycultivates qualities of perserverance, conscientiousness and dedicaton. We know these qualities will serves our son well for the rest of his life. Thank you FGTC. You delivered.